The Best Cigarette Rolling Machines Currently Available In The Market

Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

Everybody is aware that smoking is injurious to health. Yet there are lots of people who are addicted to this habit. So much so, that they also almost religiously dedicated to their addiction. They purchase the best quality cigarettes without paying heed to their expense. The cigarettes which can be bought readymade from the market are loaded with chemicals and toxins.

So more than often, smokers have been known to get their rolling paper and tobacco and make their cigarettes themselves. There are several perks to personalizing your cigarettes, you get your favorite flavors and you make it just the way you prefer it and at the same time you get them at nominal costs and end up saving thousands in the long run. Therefore, it would be extremely beneficial (not to mention economical) to purchase a cigarette rolling machine.

However, before purchasing one, you should research on the products available in the market and make a prudent choice.



This is the most popular cigarette rolling machine available in the market. It is the most commonly purchased product, every smoker knows about this and must have used it. It is affordable and comes with a range of high end features which almost makes this product flawless. It has been known to feature stainless steel chamber in order to facilitate increased durability. It is also equipped with a chamber reducer and a handle to enable precision while rolling. Its removable bottom skid pad facilitates easy cleaning. Its simplistic design enables smooth rolling and a production of over 100 cigarettes every hour. It can create cigarettes in diverse sizes: 100mm, kings and regular. It weighs around 1.5 pounds and its dimensions measure around 12x6x8 inches. However, like everything else this device has its cons like the machine might suddenly halt the process of dispensing tobacco into the tube.

Raw 79mm

Raw 79mm

The size of this cigarette rolling machine might appear to be deceptive and raise questions about its efficiency. It is anything but inefficient. This is the best device for beginners to learn how to roll their cigarettes. Its small size and portability makes it easy to transport. It weighs merely one ounce and its dimensions measure 1x1x3.5 inches, which makes it small enough to fit in a pocket. This device is cost effective and cheap.

One of its major restrictions is that it can only manufacture 79mm cigarettes. Even though there have been raving reviews about this product, this machine is not known for the production of the most durable cigarette rolling machine.

Powermatic 2 Plus Electric Cigarette Roller Machine

Powermatic 2 Plus Electric Cigarette Roller Machine

The latest upgraded version of this device has all the perks of its previous version and at the same time has been fixed to perform better.  This model weighs much less than its previous version. The new one is sleeker, packs tobacco lighter and at the same time is outfitted with a motor which is 25% more powerful than the previous version. The improved gear quality ensures fewer jams, while the increased motor speed offers extended performance. This machine is regarded as one of the most efficient spoon fed injectors that is available at this point of time. Weighing at one pound, this machine has its dimensions at 10 x 4.5 x 7.2 inches.

This device is immensely cost effective as it does the work of a professional cigarette roller at 5 times less cost price. The specially designed, titanium coated blade provides the precise amount of compression required in order to accurate cutting and perfect cigarettes. However, this product is very fragile and might break easily. So, it would be prudent to get a warranty prior to purchasing this product.

CAM2 Power I Plus

CAM2 Power I Plus

This model of cigarette rollers has been specifically designed to manufacture cigarette regular tubes at a very fast pace, compared to all other models. It packs king size and 100mm tubes of cigarettes. This machine has been built with black ABS which makes it highly resilient, tough and scratch-proof.  It also has an extra-large hopper along with a plastic tray which makes it easy to use. The cleaning of this machine has also been made easy with the presence of the handy rod and brush which are provided along with the machine.

This machine is known to be more efficient than any other cigarette roller machine as it is equipped with a reset one. This unique feature removes the possibility of jams. In case, a jam does occur, all that would have to do would be to press the rest button. It would start working as smoothly as prior to the jam. It also has a LED light to indicate if there is a jam. This device weighs at 2.8 pound and its dimensions measures at 7.9×7.9×7.9 inches.


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